The Home Equity Theft Reporter: South Florida Mortgage Broker, Others Accused In Foreclosure Rescue, Equity Stripping Lawsuit

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Consolidate your debt using home equity. home equity loans with bad credit. The increases in foreclosures in California and Florida overwhelmed improvements in states like Texas, Massachusetts and Maryland," Mortgage Bankers association chief economist Jay Brinkmann said in a statement.

Refinancing and consolidating your debt with a South Bay Equity Lending loan can lower the total amount you pay out each month. You may be eligible to convert part of your home equity into cash from loan proceeds. You can do this without having to sell your home or give up the title as long as.

Foreclosure is the process where a mortgagee (lender) will sell, or take ownership of, a property when the owner defaults on the mortgage. In other words, the homeowner entered into a contractual agreement in order to buy the property but has not been able to meet the promises made under the.

Prentiss Cox, Foreclosure Equity Stripping: Legal Theories and Strategies to Attack. Promising to "save" the home for the desperate homeowner, the acquirer. other jurisdictions, and the national consumer law center report, infra n. Some rescue scams are simple fraud or.. marketing and through mortgage brokers.

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Equity stripping – the process of reducing the equity value of a real estate asset – is one Not to be confused with the foreclosure remedy scam, equity stripping, or collateralization, is Although there are many different equity-stripping strategies, they all entail controlling real estate assets without.

Securitization: Mortgage Backed Laws and Regulations that Govern. Securities 3 Mortgage Lending and Servicing. Foreclosure Rescue Fraud 3 OCC Guidelines Defending Foreclosures in Florida The reasons to defend foreclosures stem from the most valued of American Dreams: homeownership.

Mortgage brokers are paid upfront and trail commission based on mortgage broker commission rates. Will you ever have to pay when getting a home loan? Most mortgage brokers are small businesses or contractors so they only earn an income from the commission they receive from the lender.

Increases in foreclosures, declining housing prices, and decreased demand place pressure on Mortgage fraud trends in 2008 reflected the overall downturn in the US economy initiated by the After the senior is living in the home for at least 60 days, the perpetrators arrange for the seniors to obtain.