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He was of course encouraged in this "floating" notion by sundry investment banks and corporate law firms based in London and New York.This was because of their enlightened view of the future of the Saudi middle class not because they were seen drooling at the prospect of mammoth fees.

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On the 7 th of June, 1846, at Mazatlan, Commodore Sloat received satisfactory information, through Mexico, "that the Mexican troops six or seven thousand strong, had, by order of the Mexican government invaded the territory of the United States north of the Rio Grande, and had attacked the forces under General Taylor, and that the squadron of.

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Memorandum of the prior and chapter of Durham cathedral protesting that the rights of their almonry school were being impeded by Robert Grene, priest, who was seeking to run a grammar school in the city of Durham by authority of letters patent of Robert [Neville] bishop of Durham, and was taking boys from the almonry school.

Early in 1776 the functions of this committee were absorbed by what became the marine committee, although not at first so called, which since Dec 14 had existed side by side with it. See especially the memorandum of Charles Thomson quoted in the Journals (ed. Ford), under Jan. 25, 1776 (p. 90 n) ; also the Journals, Sept. 19, 1776.

sundry memoranda: blockading Stygian The postings of a customs lawyer in Chicago on the state of customs law and international trade law. important disclaimer: None of this is legal advice, don’t act on it. Don’t ascribe these statements to my law firm, its partners or clients.

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Blockade of the Gaza Strip refers to, precisely any and every ‘Blockade of the Gaza Strip’, until the title is changed. It happens to be the case that there is a large literature using the word ‘blockade’ of Israel’s actions on the Gaza Strip since the al-Aqsa uprising of 2000.

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