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reminded securities lending participants that securities lending has a risk/return profile and should be evaluated based on the risks inherent to each lending program’s specific structural characteristics, just like any other investment decision. However, the regulatory repercussions of the market events of 2008 and 2009 have been significant.

The interest rates charged by stock-based loan lenders tend to be high-higher than margin rates typically charged by brokerages for loans over $100,000 (the minimum portfolio value for at least some stock-based loan programs). You can walk away if the stock drops, but it can be harder to profit if the stock rises.

Fully Paid Lending Program. Increase the income potential of your portfolio by allowing E*TRADE to borrow certain fully paid securities. Earn interest each day your security is on loan while retaining full ownership rights to sell your securities at any time.

Securities Based Lending, Stock Loan, Asset Based Loan A stock loan, also called securities lending, is a function within brokerage operations to lend shares of stock (or other types of securities, including bonds) to individual investors (retail clients), professional traders, and money managers to facilitate short sale transactions.

I needed $890,000 for a multi-unit property in Austin, Texas. I never even considered using my stock portfolio as collateral, only as something I didn’t want to sell because it was our nest egg and the capital gains taxes would have been huge.LeverageLine gave let me keep my nest egg without touching it, and my interest rates were substantially lower and loan-to-value substantially higher.

which now has 38% share of margin loan balances at the four largest online discount brokers, up from just 11% at the end of 2008. Critics say that securities-based lending increases stock market risks.

Equities First Holdings, LLC , a global lender and a leader in alternative shareholder financing solutions, is seeing more traction in margin loans and stock-based loans in an economic climate.

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OCC’s Stock Loan System allows Members to: Use the current DTC stock delivery process to create stock loan/borrow positions. Elect to mark stock loans to the market at 100% or 102% by counterparty. Mark to market payments are guaranteed by OCC. Select from various mark to market rounding options.