I have a twin sister, she’s the talkative one and i am the quiet one. i see nothing wrong in being quiet but my family and people around me say why are you quite and they say that you should speak and not be frozen!! which is becoming really annoying and hurtful.

A quiet title action is a real lawsuit. Many times, a quiet title action is simply used to cure a title defect and does not involve any actual conflict between parties. However, a quiet title action is a real lawsuit, with real plaintiffs and defendants. When you file a quiet title lawsuit, you are actually suing someone.

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Additionally, surviving liens on a foreclosed property’s title may be eliminated through use of "quiet title" actions. Quieting title involves going to court and asking to have liens on it.

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Quiet title. However, there are slight differences. In an ejectment action, it is typically done to remove a tenant or lessee in an eviction action, or an eviction after a foreclosure. [citation needed] Nonetheless, in some states, all terms are used synonymously.

I have heard that I will need to do a quiet title. Can someone explain what a quiet title is and why I might need one? Thanks, Vicky. Quiet title is a court action that tells everyone you own the property and have given the chance for the previous owners to fight for it. Most people want to get quiet titles because they can’t get title.

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FORECLOSURE LAW: Taboo of Stripping a Mortgage through Quiet Title There seems to be a certain amount of mystery and fear surrounding the topic of quiet title actions. I always find that sort of thing disconcerting because it feels like propaganda promulgated by the lending industry. [1]