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The results were driven by strong business fundamentals and from the payment in full on the och-ziff real estate mortgage note. of the right to convert their $143 million mortgage note into a.

In real estate terms, a mortgage loan. SECURED PARTY – Mortgagee, beneficiary (under a deed of trust), pledgee, or any other party having a security interest. SECURITY – Real or personal property pledged or hypothecated by a borrower, as additional protection for the lender’s interest.

Understanding Mortgage Lingo: A Real Estate Glossary of Terms. Earnest money is typically 1% to 3% of the sale price, deposited via cashier’s check, personal check, or wire transfer one to three days after the seller accepts the final offer. Equity – The amount of a property’s value that the owner actually owns.

Agreeing to the terms of an offer to enter into a contract, thereby creating a binding contract. 2. Taking delivery of a deed from the grantor. Accession The acquisition of title to additional property by its annexation to real estate already owned.

The new master lease carries an initial term of 15 years, with two five-year renewal options and CPI-based rent escalators, while the three standalone leases that were consolidated and eliminated had.

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A traditional, real estate financing mechanism that is not backed by any government or other agency (FHA, VA, etc.). CONVERTIBLE ARM A mortgage that begins with an adjustable rate, that allows the borrower to convert the loan to a fixed rate within a specific time frame.

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Home / Glossary of Mortgage Terms ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) – interest rates on this type of mortgage are periodically adjusted up or down, depending on the current specified financial index. Agent – acts on behalf of another, representing that person’s interests and serving as an intermediary.

Their landlord happens to be Invitation Homes, a Dallas-based real estate investment. National Mortgage Association, aka Fannie Mae, announced that it would guarantee a $1 billion loan from Wells.

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Gross asking rents have been stable, reflecting consistent user demand and long lease terms. ongoing industry snf headwinds. performance ytd: 1.2%. Alpha Insider Management Update: The company’s.